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Tualatin Hills United SC Commits First 3 Teams to the SX Cup

E11even Management is excited to announce the registration of the first 3 teams from Tualatin Hills United SC (THUSC) to attend the 2015 SX Cup. THUSC from Beaverton, Oregon, has now committed their U13 and U14 boys, and their U13 girls, with another couple teams expected to commit very soon. Tom Atencio, THUSC’s Director of Coaching, commented “we hosted Canadian teams at our own United Winter College Showcase, and were impressed with the quality teams and level of play. We look forward to making the drive up the I-5 on Labour Day weekend to experience the same level of competition in the 2015 SX Cup”. E11even Management’s Chris Murphy added, “the growing interest in the SX Cup from across the Pacific Northwest by premier clubs such as Tualatin Hills United is exciting, and we look forward to welcoming THUSC to British Columbia”.

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