For your convenience, we have prepared a checklist for team managers.




  • Read all the tournament information (rules, policies, format, etc)

  • Register for the SX Cup 


Upon Registration


  • Travel Teams - Visit your team dashboard and block hotel rooms for your team to pick up (remember blocks of rooms will expire if they are not reserved within 10 days) If you need more time to pick up rooms or have questions about blocking rooms contact us HERE

Within 2 Months of Event


  • Complete travel permits from Provincial/State Association 


Within 1 Month of Event


  • Compete Online Check-In (link to check-in will be sent to teams when it opens)

  • BC teams make sure any Short Term Event Player Permits  you need are sent to BC Soccer by August 31st the form is available HERE

  • BC teams make sure you have received proper permission for all guest players playing with your team for the event. The form is available HERE


Within 1 Week of Event


  • Tournament schedule will be released HERE 7 - 10 days prior to the tournament start date

  • Submit your travel documentation on your team dashboard - for more information click HERE

  • Submit your team roster on your team dashboard - for more information click HERE

  • Send game schedule to parents/players or have them download the "event connect" app from the Google Play Store on their Android or the App Store on their iPhone.

  • Send field maps to players/parents they will be located HERE closer to the event. 


Within 2 Days of Event


  • Review your team schedule

  • Make sure you have proof of age for all your players in case you are asked for it by a tournament official.